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Buy Singapore passport online, the Singapore passport is a travel document and passport issued to citizens and nationals of the Republic of Singapore. Electronic Passport for Singapore as of August 15, 2006: The first ePassports for Singapore. Singapore’s immigration authority is one of the first immigration authorities in the world to implement a biometric system for secure immigration clearance at checkpoints. As part of their security efforts to enhance the integrity and security of the Singapore passport for sale, as well as being one of the member countries of the US Visa Waiver Program, Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority launched the Singapore Biometric Passport Project.

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Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority was seeking a cost effective and highly secure global solution that would reliably and effectively integrate the highest standards, protect its citizens against terrorist entry and combat passport forgeryBioPass (New Singapore International Passport) All Singapore passports issued from 15 Aug 2006 will be bio-metrically-enabled (BioPass). Buy Singapore passport online

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The project was awarded to a consortium led by NEC solutions Asia Pacific in March 2005. The team included SNP Security Printing Pte Ltd as the local passport booklet manufacturer, NCS Pte Ltd, a local application developer. Singapore selected a highly secure passport with a durable polycarbonate data page. The secure document microprocessor contains biometric information of the passport holder such as facial and fingerprint details. eTravel MultiApp, Passports Visa’s operating system and eDatapage. The Singapore biometric passport, called BioPass, carries advanced security features, which make it extremely difficult to tamper with. Carrying the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s ePassport logo on its cover, the passport complies with the recommendations and requirements laid down by ICAO. buy passport  Buy Singapore Passport Online - Buy Real Singapore Passport

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