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In order to obtain an Austrian passport, the normal prerequisites for naturalization must be met, and an application must be made at a consulate or embassy. Further prerequisites for the issue of Austrian citizenship are either based on legal claim or on the authority’s discretion. Grandchildren of Jewish Holocaust Survivors may be eligible for Austrian citizenship under the Austrian Citizenship Law.

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Buy Austrian Passport Online – Genuine real Austria Passport for sale or Purchase Dual Citizenship

Buy Austrian Passport online, An Austrian passport is issued to citizens of Austria to facilitate international travel. Real Austrian passport for sale. The citizens of Austria can visit 115 countries without a visa . Austrian passport holders also have access to get 33 e-visas or 13 visas on arrival. Austria has a population of 8.7 M people and the capital is Vienna. Buy Austria passport online. All new Austrian passports include fingerprints (except for children up to 12 years of age and emergency passports).

The Australian Government issues travel papers to give a universally acknowledged validation of their residents’ personality. To encourage this worldwide acknowledgment, a few sorts of identifications are given.

At , we follow the legal procedures to get you a genuine biometric registered passport from the passport office of more than 36 countries.

The passports that we give you will include both exit and entry stamp. Our authentic passports are legal and will not get you in trouble. at our professionals know everything in this domain.

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Can you buy Austrian passport?

  To buy a Registered Austrian passport online is as simple as contacting us for one. Sometimes when you have the slightest complication with your documents, it will become a time wasting nightmare just to get a Austria passport. On the other hand, it takes just 15 days to buy Austria passport online from us. Citizenship laws are strictly regulated in Austria, and the rules are even tighter for non-residents. When applying for a passport, you first need to prove your citizenship status includes submitting eligible documents issued by the authorities.

The application fee you pay is non-refundable, regardless of acceptance or rejection. at 2ndpassportonline, we help you skip these formalities and get the job done from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is provide the necessary details and a passport-size photograph. Our team will help you get one. Buy Austrian Passport Online

How do I get an Austrian passport?

  • In general 10 years legal and continuous residence in Austria, therefrom minimum of 5 years with a residence permit
  • Integrity
    • No judicial condemnation
    • No pending criminal action (both in Austria and abroad)
    • No severe administrative offences with special degree of unlawfulness
  • Sufficiently secured maintenance
    • Proof of one’s own fix and regular earnings out of acquisition, income, judicial claim to maintenance or insurance benefits over a period of 36 months on average within the last 6 years before the time of application. In any case. the last claimed 6 months must be immediately before the time of application. Transfer payments, such as family benefits, child-care support etc. are considered income
    • Exception: No proof of one’s own fix and regular earnings is required in case one’s livelihood cannot be durably secured without one’s fault (eg. disability, permanent serious illness)
  • German language skills and basic knowledge of the democratic system and the fundamental principles deriving therefrom, as well as the history of Austria and of each province
    • Proof regarding German language skills through fulfilling module 2 of the Integration Agreement according to § 10 Abs. 2 IntG, unless exceptions apply (e.g. German as native language, minor attending Austrian School)
    • Proof regarding knowledge of the democratic system of Austria and the fundamental principles deriving therefrom, as well as the history of Austria and of each province  trough a written examination (multiple choice questions) before the Provincial Government or a degree in “History and Social Sciences” at 8th grade level of a lower secondary school, unless exceptions apply (e.g. minor attending Austrian School)
    • Exceptions for minors under 14 years of age and persons who claim bad mental or physical health condition (in particular speech and hearing impairment)
  • Positive attitude towards the Republic of Austria and warranty that there is no danger for the public peace, order and security
  • we help you skip these formalities and get the job done from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is provide the necessary details and a passport-size photograph. Our team will help you get one

Purchase Austrian Dual Citizenship

Biometric Passports are one with an electronic element that includes all information pertaining to the status of your marriage, picture of identity in digital format, and two fingerprints. It is extremely difficult to fake it protects you from identity theft. Buy Austrian Passport Online

How to buy a biometric Austrian passport?

It is often a question of whether your passports are valid in certain countries, and they currently will only take biometric passports. Countries such as France have been using biometric passports as of 2009, meaning that you do not have to think about what kind of passport will be that is accepted in the country you are visiting. If you’re using an electronic passport and wish to visit a country that has a preference for biometric passports (such as the United States for example) then you must apply for a visa specific to the destination. Passport available for sale

Security features of Austrian passport – Austrian passport and id card

Austrian citizens living abroad can apply for a new passport, a new ID Card or changes in passport online or at the nearest Embassy or Consulate General of their permanent residency. Austria has become the latest country to launch a new electronic passport conforming to ICAO and EU guidelines.

An official ceremony announced the launch on 16 June. From this date onward Austrian citizens are able to apply for the new documents, which are produced by the Austrian state printers – Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei (OeSD). Philips is the main provider of chips for the new ePassport with the chip embedded in the cover. Buy Austrian passport.

Similar to other e-passports, the new passport can be recognized by a small golden symbol on the front cover of the passport. Under UV light, coats of arms and landmarks become visible to help ensure against forgery. Its validity will remain at 10 years.​ Buy Passport Buy Austrian Passport Online - Real Austria Passport for sale

Requirements needed to process yours –

These are the Requirements you need to scan and send to us.
1.) Surname, given names, Sex, Height, date & place of birth and Nationality
2.) Finger Scan (Place your fingers upon a blue ink pad, then place the same finger on a white sheet of paper and scan it before sending to us)
3.) Signature (Sign on a white sheet of paper, scan it, and send to us)
4.) One (1) Passport size photo (Photo must be on white background)
5.) Eye Color and hair color
6.) Payment of your passport fee


Buy Austria Passport Online – Buy Real Austrian Passport for sale

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